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 Damian Rothermel, CFP®

I have spent the last 14 years helping individuals improve their financial lives. I work as an independent CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with clients to develop a strategy customized to your personal situation. I emphasize the core tenets of financial planning and help educate my clients to be confident in their decisions. I am passionate about helping families work toward their financial goals and I promise my clients I will be there for them.
I grew up in Ohio the oldest of four boys and an older sister. I attended the University of Dayton and graduated with a degree in Accounting in 1998. I met my wife, Julie, at UD and relocated with her to San Francisco in 1999. We moved to Portland in 2005 and have a son, Ian and a daughter, Ellen.
I am always looking for a new adventure and enjoy spending time with my family outdoors and biking. I enjoy travelling, woodworking, painting and reading.
What makes us different?
Independent Financial Planner – I work for you not for a corporation that may have competing interests.
Diagnose before prescription – I need to know what is wrong, and not just the symptoms but the actual problem before we decide a course of action to make things better.
Consultative – I help educate you so you can make an informed decision.
Purpose driven accounts - I want you to know the purpose of each account and what specific indicators or triggers will dictate when you should sell or make changes to each of your accounts.
Preparedness – using the correct tool is critical. I don’t want you trying to hang a picture by banging a screw with a hammer and destroying the wall in the process.
Why you should learn more?
Since most of us are not doctors, we’re not likely to know the basic tools or procedures needed to safely and efficiently perform an appendectomy – it’s even less likely we’d know what specialty tools might be needed once the procedure began. Same thing usually holds true with people’s finances… Most people aren’t financial professionals and are not likely to be well versed in all the important basic financial tools, procedures or strategies or the specialty tools that also exist!


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It's Your Money

It’s your money!
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To Roth or not to Roth, that is the question!

One of the most useful accounts to accumulate funds in is the Roth IRA. A Roth IRA is one of only five (legal at least) ways to grow funds tax free. Municipal bonds, Cash Value Life Insurance, Equity in the home and 529 education plans are the others. If structured properly the funds from a Roth IRA can be withdrawn on a tax free basis. Today we are talking about the rules of the road and a few strategies to maximize your assets.

Guarding Against Identity Theft

Take steps so criminals won’t take vital information from you.

Provided by Damian Rothermel, CFP®

America is enduring a data breach epidemic. As 2013 ended, the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics released its 2012 Victims of Identity Theft report. Its statistics were sobering. About one in 14 Americans aged 16 or older had been defrauded or preyed upon in the past 12 months, more than 16.6 million people.1

Organizing Your Paperwork for Tax Season

If you haven’t done it, now’s the time.

Provided by Damian Rothermel, CFP®

How prepared are you to prepare your 1040? The earlier you compile and organize the relevant paperwork, the easier things may be for you (or the tax preparer working for you) this winter. Here are some tips to help you get ready:

New Job Opportunity

We are a high growth professional firm looking to provide an enthusiastic individual the opportunity to join our team as an Administrative Assistant.  This part-time position includes a competitive wage and bonus opportunities!
Entering the Yellen Years

A look at the economist newly nominated to lead the Federal Reserve.
Provided by Damian Rothermel CFP®
Janet Yellen – currently the vice chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve – has been nominated to succeed Ben Bernanke at the helm of the world’s most important central bank.